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Panama: $22 million for Airport Projects

The National Economic Council, at its regular meeting today, gave its endorsement to the International Airport of Tocumen SA for a loan agreement to be signed with the National Bank of Panama, for an amount up to 22 million dollars (USD) for projects involving the expansion and operation and maintenance of the country's airports under its management

Daily Tip

What is Business Development for me?

To me is looking for new opportunities to build growth, looking for synergistic partnerships.

Business development is about creating opportunities! Marketing, establishing partnerships and relationship management are all tools for business development. It’s about discovering untapped markets that a company can serve.

What are the main concerns on Business Development for me?

Me and others, Business developers are asking themselves questions such as:

  • Where else can we discover customers that we currently serve?

  • What other verticals can our product/or service deliver its value to?

  • What changes got to be made to the product/service to unravel other target audience’s problems?

  • What needs do existing customers experience that the corporate also can solve with its core competencies?

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