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DG2MARKET  - A Freelance Business Consultant  Services


We at DG2MARKET offer a customized modular services package, which includes business development, professional consultation, entrepreneurship, and locating business partners for Israeli high tech, technological and consumer goods companies who are interested in penetrating new markets in Latin America or already operate there.


The services offered as part of the outsourcing toolbox or as part of a retainer for professional guidance and accompaniment are defined in advance. Some of the services in the target countries are offered by our strategic partners - leading companies in the areas of consultation, publicity, sales and distribution in the local market, which provide our firm with complementary services.

DG2MARKET acts as the client's representative and handles all administrative and marketing communications, coordination, customer services and relationships with foreign suppliers.

DG2MARKET Tools Box Includes the Following Services:
Stand-up Meeting

One-time Consultation for Analyzing the Business Marketing Potential

Starting point brief – trade and cultural information and economic environment


SEO Activities & Infographics

Defining work processes and performance indices for success and meeting goals


Office Consultation

Business Development and Strategic Guidance

  • Identifying and opening business opportunities in Latin America

  • Forming strategic collaborations

  • Analyzing the potential competitive environment in the target country, market trends, competition, marketing, and distribution methods

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