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  • Experienced business consultant with deep knowledge in business development, sales and marketing associate based in Israel with hands-on expertise in marketing research, analysis and evaluating growth strategies.

  • Excellent communications and presentation skills with proficiency in WIX / Shopify / Amazon platforms, Keyword research, Canva, Pinterest and MS Office.

  • Skills in marketing and sales of technical (hardware & software) products, services, and engineered solutions.

  • Recognized for consistent performance and achieving targets.

  • Bilingual and fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew languages.

  • Owner of business consultants firms for small businesses.​

​DG2MARKET  Turning Opportunities into results.

DG2MARKET specializes in consultation, entrepreneurship and international business development, especially in Central and South America. The firm provides its clients with a service package that includes business development services, marketing consultation, and professional guidance by leading Israeli and Latin American experts. We guarantee our clients comprehensive and professional services to ensure all their needs are addressed.


We offer our services to high-tech and technology companies as well as other Israeli consumer companies interested in expanding their businesses and introduce their products to Latin American markets. The client is offered a customized service package based on the company’s business goals and the market it is interested in penetrating while leveraging our numerous close business contacts with our local partners in every country on the continent.


DG2MARKET has an outstanding business reputation, excellent reputation management, a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of proven experience in developing businesses in a technological environment, and successfully managing focused marketing campaigns for technological products suitable for the Latin American business culture.

The Benefits of Working with Boutique Experts to Ensure Your Next Business Transaction in Latin America
  • Solid and professional international networking that provides opportunities for personal relations with decision-makers who can shorten processes and save time and money.

  • Professional methodology with proven results – expanding supply channels, reducing risks, achieving attractive service prices to add security to the company regarding the allocation of its resources.  Our professional methodology is based on excellent achievements, commitment to providing the best consultation in terms of planning, presentations, research, leveraging contacts, and opening new doors, as well as meeting decision-makers in person in order to reach more clients and more markets, and reduce dependency on the local market.

  • Trade efficiency – we will help you expose your business to potential clients using a tight budget. Our GO NO GO plan guarantees TIME TO MARKET within the boundaries of the clients' business culture in Latin America and based on professional integrity, credibility, transparency, and liability throughout the process in order to reduce risks, and share information throughout the entire process.


Our Methodic Work Process Includes:

Client Brief

The client's brief characterizing his products, competition in the international market, his targets, goals, obstacles, the opportunities he encountered while exporting or marketing his products, his price list and the markets he is interested in penetrating.


Consultant's Feedback Brief 

with the initial test findings for the market - in order to form a company brief prior to the onset of the collaboration


Locating Clients

Locating potential clients for product acquisition/marketing to the characterizations defined in the client's brief.


Market Test/Pilot

Characterizing the product in accordance with local requirements in order to test run the product and gain positive results. This will be performed under the acquisition principles' Trade Memorandum if the test is successful.


Composing a Proposition and Managing Trade Negotiations

Establishing the marketing and sales process with a local base or by remote management. This includes resource allocation to support the marketing and publicity, or for the local distributor or the marketing agency - in accordance with the signed letter of agreement.  


Initial Acquisition

Defining an initial acquisition in order to analyze the time limited process of entering the market and the goals for success.

Supply Quota, Support and Upgrades. A continued process of defining the supply quota, which includes support and upgrades as part of the annual sales plan.


Ongoing Operation and Performance Supervision

Receiving continuous feedback from the local distributer, meeting goals, analyzing problems, resolving crises and making the product suitable for the target market in the best way possible.


Providing Guidance to the Professional Management Team on Behalf of the Company: Sales, International Trade and Operation.


Reviewing Business Development Opportunities in other Markets in Latin America After the Initial Penetration to the Target Market was Successful.

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