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Creativity , Project management and Industry knowledge


Creativity helps us to brainstorm project ideas while still meeting a client's expectations and requirements. We at DG2MARKET are committed to sharing our rich experience, extensive contacts, and comprehensive knowledge of the target markets and the target countries' social and economic trends with our clients, in order to locate business opportunities and turn them into business results for you.


The services we provide, Business Consulting Services / eCommerce and blog Services, are designed to assist both Israeli and Latin American companies to develop business relationships based on task-oriented management, business efficiency, profitability, and mutual benefits, thus providing a smart and comprehensive modular response to our client's various needs.

At DG2MARKET, typically we complete several projects during the same time period, it's vital that we have extensive project management skills that help them stay organized, goal-oriented and proactive.


The firm's uncompromising professionalism and high standard of service include personally accompanying the client throughout the decision-making process and the negotiation stages. We are available to our clients at all times and are committed to a fully transparent, trust-based work process, professionalism, and efficiency.


Vision - Business Consulting
4 Essential Consulting Skills
Communication Skills

Consultants engage in a lot of oral and written communication with clients before, during, and after projects.  Your communications skills determine how your clients view you. Whether they trust and like you, as well as whether or not they see you as a real authority and expert.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is a core part of consulting. It’s what you do for a living: applying your skills and expertise to a particular problem that your clients have and help them achieve their desired result.

Armed with a high level of skill and experience in your field, your ability to solve your client’s problems is a big part of why they hire you.

Organization & Time Management Skills

If you’re a freelance consultant, you’ll wear many hats and have many tasks to accomplish. In the early days, you are the business.

Objectivity & Independence Skills

Clients need more than just your skills and experience. They need an unbiased and objective analysis of their situation. As a consultant, you are brought in as a third-party observer to provide your unbiased and objective opinions. 

Proffesional Vision, SO Consulting
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