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Latin America faces GDP contraction in 2015

Updated: Aug 18

GDP contractions in Latin America

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Latin America is projected suffer a negative growth of –0.3% in 2015 and resume marginal growth of 0.7% in 2016, according to the 5 October 2015 estimates of ECLAC, the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean.

Among the main factors behind the growth drop are a weak internal demand; a global environment marked by a low growth of the developed world; an important deceleration in emerging economies, especially China; the strengthening of the dollar and a growing volatility in financial markets; and an important fall in primary goods prices.


South America is expected to contract by –1.6% while Mexico and Central America would grow by 2.6%.

Brazil's GDP is projected to contract by 2.8% and that of Venezuela by 6.7%. Both the countries are likely to continue the negative growth in 2016 too with Brazil shrinking by –1% and Venezuela by –7%.

Mexico's growth projection for 2015 is 2.2%, Argentina's 1.6%,Colombia's 2.9%, Peru 2.7% and Chile 2.1%.

Panama will have the highest growth at 5.8%, followed by Dominican Republic at 5.6% and Bolivia at 4.4%

Daily Tip

What are the main concerns on Business Development for me?

Me and others, Business developers are asking themselves questions such as:

  • Where else can we discover customers that we currently serve?

  • What other verticals can our product/or service deliver its value to?

  • What changes got to be made to the product/service to unravel other target audience’s problems?

  • What needs do existing customers experience that the corporate also can solve with its core competencies?

What is necessary to do in Business Development for me?​

  • Develop your strategy, be clear what you want and how you are going to get it, do your current state assessment.

  • Set goals for what you want to achieve, define the work and timescales, plan and plan, measure progress.l

  • Present a clear proposal on the benefits to the client of your product or service.

  • Understanding your market/sector and the specific needs or problems faced within it.

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