For anyone with diabetes, choosing the “right” diet plan that will help you lose weight and avoid life-threatening complications is a big decision.

Diet Salad



  • Sign up for a specific diabetes-friendly plan

  • With more than 145 meals and snacks, it’s easy to find diabetes-friendly food 

  • Dietitians and diabetes consultants available


  • Meals come frozen

  • Can’t get same- or next-day delivery

Healthy Salad

Jenny Craig


  • A specific plan for type 2 diabetes 

  • Weekly, personal consultations can help you track your diet and your diabetes

  • Jenny Craig customers were able to reduce or eliminate the use of insulin, according to company trials 


  • Can be expensive if you’re on the plan for an extended period of time 

Healthy Diet - South beach diet

South Beach Diet


  • Special diabetes-friendly plan available 

  • Tons of high protein, low carb/sugar meals are available

  • Responsive customer service if you have any questions about meals


  • Have to pay for membership in addition to meals

Caprese Salad

Mayo Clinic Diet


  • A personalized diet profile helps you keep a diabetic diet

  • Diet steers clear of refined sugars, white flour, and sweets in general  

  • Includes exercise and fitness plan


  • Doesn’t exclude foods that are specifically bad for diabetics

Mediterranea Dieta

Mediterranean Diet


  • The Mediterranean diet, which encourages the consumption of whole foods, has proven to reduce the risk for many cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

  • This diet consists of an abundance of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs, and nuts with a moderate amount of good fat. The Mediterranean diet discourages excessive consumption of red meat, but the diet doesn’t restrict eating lean meat.  

  • The Mediterranean diet isn’t a strict dietary regimen. It is, however, a more focused consumption of natural, healthy foods. Therefore, this diet is sustainable and easy to follow.