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The competitive way to use Pinterest for business sales and growth

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Benefits for businesses on Pinterest

With 300 million monthly users. Pinterest drives people to make purchases.

At least, that’s what the 100 million-plus businesses that are currently using the social media platform have learned.

Benefits for businesses on Pinterest

SEO: Pinterest is a visual search engine which means there are lots of opportunities to optimize for the searches being conducted on Pinterest.

7 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest for Business

  1. Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media site. Pinner's users go to Pinterest to explore fresh ideas so they can share them. Pinners are actively searching for ideas, information, and products.

  2. Pinterest offers popular keywords and trending products in their search bubbles in real-time. This means you can use Pinterest to learn about emerging trends in any industry or niche. This gives you a competitive edge.

  3. Pinterest continues to grow in popularity with different demographic groups.

  4. The referral traffic from Pinterest is second only to Facebook. Twitter, for example, only refers to approximately 1% of all traffic.

  5. Pinterest drives traffic: Pinterest is an excellent tool to help increase links back to your website, which, in turn, drives more traffic. It is more effective at steering traffic back to a website more than any other social media source.

  6. Pinterest likes apps. Pinterest integrates with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account.

  7. It’s free!

List of myths surrounding Pinterest

  • Pinterest Is a Women’s Platform? Only women are on Pinterest (females still make up the majority of the audience though)

  • People only pin food and wedding content (travel, clothing, home decor are big too)

  • My target audience isn’t on Pinterest

  • You do not have to have a lot of boards to make your Pinterest marketing work. You only need the boards that are most relevant to your content.

How to use Pinterest for business 2021

Benefits for businesses on Pinterest


To optimize a pin for Pinterest SEO, you need to add keywords

Pinterest Boards - Pinterest board ideas

edit board

Keywords in Description: Yoga, Meditation, Yoga for Weight loss, Yoga fitness for flexibility

CREATIVITY: Pins and Pinterest boards must be with rich content.

  • Ten boards is a good, manageable amount to get started with. Do your keyword research and decide on the names for the ten most relevant boards to your business.

  • Poor content. You need CREATIVITY, a lot. Pins must be with rich content.

  • Profile, bad description, no keywords.

  • Pinterest boards: Pinterest board descriptions allow for a maximum of 500 characters.

  • Pinterest board descriptions, A must, insert your keywords.

Pinterest Pin - Pinterest drawing ideas


pinterest rules

  • Use keywords on your pin (Title and description). Pinners might not be looking specifically for your product, but they might be looking for a product that does “X”.

  • Use Hashtags #

  • PIN / Images with red color tones get shared the most. The researchers found that blue, green, black, yellow-green, and yellow all had negative effects when it came to getting shared. The absolute worst performers were black and white images.

  • Fonts: When using a script font, use lowercase letters, watch the spacing between each letter.

  • Add your URL to the pin: Because every pin includes a link, it makes it easy to lead it back to the source of the image. This is a basic step in branding your Pinterest pin images and owning that graphic. Pins get stolen all the time, and you’ll be happy your pin has your URL on it if it happens to you.

  • Pinning fresh content is a good idea if you want to get more people interested in your pins.

  • Using the same image with a modified description is not a good idea. But you can use a different image that links to the same URL, and Pinterest will still consider your pin fresh.


Many businesses using Pinterest for marketing are making mistakes that can actually work against them.

You need CREATIVITY, a lot. Pins must be with rich content.

The idea is to get products in front of new eyes to increase exposure. The more people who see and share a pin, the more attention it receives.

Pinterest is a social network—and when users interact with each other through likes, comments, and repins, they are building and strengthening relationships.

My experience is that you cannot get 10,000 or 100,000 viewers/followers in a very short period, but if your content is good, with good quality, and if you remain consistent in the quality of information you provide the Quora community and good quality of Pins, you’re well on your way there.

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