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Identification Cards at Guatemala

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Guatemala purchases pre-personalized cards (Guatemala id cards) from Mühlbauer

Mühlbauer was again awarded by RENAP for the production of Guatemalan identity cards in November 2019.

As the main solution provider, Mühlbauer offers smart cards based on the ISO 7810 standard. These include contact-based chips with an EEPROM capacity of 80 KB. In addition to the standard applications, such as identification and travel, Mühlbauer also offers fingerprint recognition and biometric passports. At the company’s headquarters in Roding (DE) – where the cards are personalized – Mühlbauer delivers the cards to Guatemala, where they are used for the Guatemalan ID and Resident Card. The cards are printed at the RENAP office in Guatemala City.

A Guatemalan government agency has put out to tender a contract for printing 2.5 million ID cards.

Guatemalan citizens who want to travel abroad need to carry identification documents that meet certain requirements. These include having a polycarbonate card.

Guatemala ID card

MühlbauerID ServicesGmbH is committed to supporting a smooth personalization process on all printers located at its headquarters in Guatemala City. We plan to deliver our first set of personalized, secure IDs by mid-December 2019. These IDs will be used for Guatemalan ID and Resident Cards.


The National Registry of Persons in Guatemala is putting out to tender a supply of 2.5 million cards for printing personal identification documents.

The cards which are Personal Identification Documents for the Republic of Guatemala must be made of materials which are one hundred percent 100% polycarbonate."


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