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Have You Used Touch Facebook? Here’s How It Works

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Do you know about Facebook Touch? Have you used Touch Facebook?

 touch facebook

What is Facebook touch?” Facebook Touch is a sophisticated and many features equipped Facebook app developed by H5 apps. Touch Facebook is an app specially designed for touchscreen. By touch screen, you must have already thought about several touchscreen smartphones. You are spot-on, yes it was developed to make Facebook mobile-friendly with a smart touch experience. It is an alternative to a normal Facebook app.

Facebook Touch works just like other Facebook applications but has an advantage above them in graphics and user-friendly interface. If your normal Facebook app runs slowly on your device or if your internet connection is slow, then Touch Facebook is for you. It runs smoothly even with a slow internet connection. So, it is rated as one of the best Facebook applications.

What are the differences between normal Facebook and Facebook touch?

Many Facebook users want to know the difference between touch Facebook and normal Facebook. When you open normal Facebook you will see “ “ but whenever you open Facebook touch you will notice “” on your screen.

The normal Facebook with the URL “” is designed for less data, low-quality pictures, and a limited number of displays. The touch Facebook with the URL “” is generally for high-quality images and displays. Facebook touch kicked in, particularly after the touchscreen cellphones were launched. Facebook Touch also known as the mobile touch version is a dynamic yet easier and more silk interface.

 touch facebook

People also believe that touch Facebook is mainly for touch smartphones and touch devices with a strong operating system. It allows you to view high-quality pictures, your feed, and your friend's profile. On the other hand, normal Facebook is a simple version of the site with less powerful mobile browsers for older phones. It comes with less functionality and capability in comparison to Facebook Touch.

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