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Top Israeli technologies that can change the world

Here are the top Israeli technologies doing just that by addressing acute issues from the world’s declining bee population to dirty diapers and everything in between. Aleph Farms cultivates greenhouse gas-free meat

This tech is a great one for those who love a steak dinner but are lesser fans of the environmental impact of the animal agriculture industry – the one responsible for a large chunk of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and water use. Israeli food-tech startup Aleph Farms has come up with a technology that creates cultivated meat using cellular agriculture in which biotechnological engineering replaces natural growing processes, using cow cells instead of slaughtering one. While it won’t be ready for a few years yet, we’re looking forward.

Vertical Field grows food close to home, and vertically

Vertical Field is an Israeli ag-tech company that specializes in vertical growing systems. Vertical farming, it says, uses 90 percent less water than regular field farming, produces plants much quicker, and is pest- and weather-resistant, meaning that more food can be grown more easily. In Israel, the technology is being used at several supermarkets to grow leafy greens such as kale, basil, and peppermint, cutting down quite a number of stages in farm-to-table.

Israel & grow crops in dry and hot conditions

How to grow crops in dry and hot conditions

Farmers in arid areas around the world need no convincing that the climate is changing under their feet. Their income is going down and forcing many to give up farming.

arid area
Dry Soil - Photo by
Dry Soil

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has never stopped inventing agricultural technologies that greatly improve farming everywhere.

Continuing ag-tech innovation enables farmers to use water and fertilizer more efficiently, grow crops resistant to disease and drought, and harness data above and below ground to increase quality and quantity.

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