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Stop promising to increase your web traffic and sales in a single day

Updated: Jan 2

How important traffic is to the success of a website or a blog? 

Very simple answer because Traffic is essential for any online business.  The best website/blog without traffic is useless. If you have no traffic, there is no importance to that blog or website. 

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The question is how you can generate tons of traffic to your website Before trying to answer, we need to understand Why does a visitor visits a website?

  • Generally, visitors are having their own goal for visiting several websites, it can be for buying something (eCommerce), reading articles, using creating platforms, etc. 

  • Any website/blog must supply an answer and be focused on what are we giving to the visitors. We need to remember every moment that we must supply Value, Brand,  Insights, and research

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How to start a blog and get traffic

#1 Focus on the content of your website to attract new visitors and loyal existing visitors.

  • #1.1 You have to regularly update your website content. 

  • #1.2 Content that attracts a great deal of social media participation should probably rank better on topics it covers.

  • #1.3 Nobody likes to read a material piece with only fillers which offer no information or knowledge about the reader 

  • #1.4 Without having a website with good-quality shareable content that is added to it regularly, almost no off-page search engine optimization strategy would operate.

  • #1.5 Before you start creating content for your blog, it is important to spend some time understanding your target audience and what they are looking for.

  • #1.6 Do Keyword research to plan your content strategy. It makes it possible to find specific words and phrases that users type in Google and other search engines to find the content they are looking for. 

  • #1.7 Discover real search terms people are looking for. Find unique content ideas for popular search phrases.

  • #1.8 Learn from the Competition and overcome them with better articles

  • #1.9 The most important thing that users and search engines search for is good quality content

#2 Improve your website layout and landing page design.

  • #2.2 The better the navigation on your website the more time visitor spend on it.

  • #2.3 Concentrate on making applicable connections inside the content by laying out internal pages. Internal hyperlinks help Google understand the context and connection between different posts on your site

  • #2.4 The content length ought to be more than 1200 words. Write a post with 1700 words at least, so the reader will need at least a few minutes to read all the articles. Why it is so important to the large and the quality of the post?

  • Google notices and pays great attention to how much time a user has spent on your post (time that the reader spent reading your article), according to this parameter your blog will be ranked.  

  • #2.5 Add pictures to produce the content visually appealing to the reader. Use pictures, screenshots, videos, infographics, and other visual components

  • #2.6 Remember to utilize striking, italics, heading labels (particularly an H1) on each web page.

  • #2.7 Try to improve typography using more readable fonts, large font size, and a good deal of line spacing.

  • #2.8 Utilize smaller sentences and paragraphs. 

  • #2.9 Use grammar checker.

  • #2.9 Write great Headlines, a catchy blog article name stands out and gets more clicks. 

  • #2.10 Optimize Website speed to load your Pages Faster. Search engines such as Google also consider website speed and page load time among the major ranking factors. If your website is slow, then customers will simply leave your site before it loads.

  • #2.11 Read more at "" 

#3 Utilize social media to bring traffic to your website and promote your brand.

  • #3.3 It will create brand awareness and people will eventually come to your website when they are in need of your product.

  • #3.4 Higher social engagement rates help increase the number of special individuals who engage with a post or visit a new article.

  • #3.5 Regularly share your old articles on Social Media. This can allow you to get more visitors from social media by increasing your visibility and maintaining your profiles more active. 

  • #3.6 Insert a feedback form and request customers to leave your comments which you may share on your site.

  • #3.7 Directly approach users and collect testimonials Ask customers to rate your posts. 

  • #3.8 If you are about to grow your blog just sign up with all social media platforms which can give you a huge amount of traffic.

#4 Do you know Google Adwords? It’s the fastest way to generate huge traffic in no time.

#4.4 Show ads of your products and services to bring traffic.

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 #5 Answer Questions on Relevant Platforms / Participate in Q & A Websites

  • #5.5 Answering queries is one of the cleverest ways to bring traffic to your website and allow it to rank higher on Google.

  • #5.6 Question and Answer websites are one of the greatest online communities online. The advantage of answering questions on such platforms is that your response will remain alive for a very long time which means it may develop into a consistent supply of visitors to your blog. 

  • #5.7

#6 Track Your Website Traffic and User Engagement. 

  • #6.6Now you have started getting some traffic, you have to understand where your customers are coming from, and what they do if they're on your site.

  • #6.7 This is the area where Google Analytics comes in. It monitors your site visitors and assists you view traffic reports, engagement, and other user actions on your website. 

#7 Start your Email list. 

  • #7.7 Start your email list right away. 

  • #7.8 Email marketing is easily the most cost-efficient and highly effective marketing tool available. As soon as you have an email list, you can send regular email newsletters to attract more traffic to your blog.

#8 Patience

  • A lot of Patience. You won't see results overnight. Gradually you will have organic traffic to your page.

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