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Ankle Bracelet for House Arrest - Costa Rica

Updated: Dec 18, 2021


Electronic GPS monitoring within the criminal justice system isn’t widespread. But it’s become more prevalent in recent years.

Currently, there are 321 people in the country wearing ankle bracelets and so far the Ministry of Justice has recorded only 25 non-compliance cases or violations; in 10 of those cases, the court reversed the decision and sent the inmate to prison. And unjustified violations, for example, is when individual attempts to flee to the country, say Panama or Nicaragua.

Back to the young man without a home or job, Feoli said, “Sometimes it’s not that the person does not want to comply,” blaming violations on the system.

According to Feoli, the entire penitentiary system needs to be reviewed.

“We are a country that has 14,000 prisoners, the fourth country in Latin America with more penal population,” said Feoli.

He said that jail does not have to be the only solution. “Many times confinement can lead to people come out worse and become more dangerous.”

Costa Rica: Electronic Bracelets to be Re Tendered

Tender for Electronic Bracelets - 2015


After declaring the first tender void, a new purchase process has been announced for a pilot plan to use electronic bracelets for prisoners.

The process was declared void because the financial offer from the only company that participated in the tender exceeded the amount of $1.5 million which had been budgeted by the Ministry of Justice and Peace for this purchase.

CO-EYE i-BRACELET is the industry’s most flexible RF home curfew system for low-risk offenders with reliable tamper technology. Optimized to work with today’s mobile network communications, paired Monitoring Tracker can transmit ankle bracelet data through cellular and fully integrates with all of CO-EYE software platforms.

The main functions of the electronic ankle bracelet include all-weather uninterrupted radio frequency signal transmission in the ISM frequency band; long-distance signal coverage; secure encrypted transmission function; complete waterproof capability with alternating hot and cold water; complete anti-removal and malicious attack alarm function; multi-dimensional motion state Sensing function; long endurance working ability without charging, etc.

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