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Evolution and perspectives of smart cities in latin america: Chile

Updated: Sep 29

Santiago de Chile

In the recent report by the Fundación País Digital in Chile, devoted to

the progress of smart cities in Chile, Santiago reached the first position in the country in four out of the six evaluated components: mobility, government, economy, and society; it positioned itself in the third place in the two remaining components: environment and quality of life.

The study supports the results of the IESE Cities in Motion assessment, about Santiago de Chile falling behind in the introduction of Information and Communication Technologies for urban management.

Daily Tip

When Google doesn’t index your website, it means YOU DON’T EXISTS.

When you Google something, you’re asking Google to return all relevant pages from their index. Because there are often many pages that fit the bill, Google’s ranking algorithm does its best to sort the pages in order that you see the simplest and most relevant results first.

Tip #1 With Google Chrome do:

Tip #2 Understand what's crawling and indexing?

Google discovers new sites by crawling the online, then they add those pages to their index. they are doing this employing a web spider called Googlebot.

  • Crawling: the method of following hyperlinks on the online to get new content.

  • Indexing: the method of storing every website during a vast database.

  • Web spider: a bit of software designed to hold out the crawling process at scale.

  • Googlebot: Google’s web spider.

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