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Startup roundup: Start-Up Chile Demo Day, Global Vision Tour

Start-Up Chile Demo Day

Entrepreneurs from the 12th generation of the famed Start-Up Chile early stage business incubator will attempt to capture investors' attention on a Demo Day to be held on Thursday (Aug 6) in Santiago.

Some 20 start-ups from the previous 12th generation of Start-Up Chile and 70 other companies will have a mere five minutes to pitch their proposals and convince international and national investors of their ideas, vision, and business model.

The company deemed the best from Start-Up Chile's 12th generation will win a trip to meet more investors in Silicon Valley.

In April, Start-Up Chile selected 90 companies for its 13th generation. The program, run by the country's business development agency Corfo, awards foreign and local start-ups 20mn pesos (US$29,000) in funding.

Chilean consultancy Best Innovation will take a group of Chilean executives on a tour of Silicon Valley from August 16-21 on a "Global Vision Tour", where participants will have the opportunity to connect with companies such as Google to explore new ideas and business models.

In previous versions of the tour more than 60 executives took part, from companies including airline LAN, Telefónica Chile, DirecTV, Scotiabank and winery Viña Maipo.

Bárbara Silva, director of Best Innovation and also the Chilean ambassador for Singularity University, said executives are currently looking for a new way of learning from experience and from the protagonists of many of the success cases.

Companies participating from Silicon Valley include Google, Indiegogo, IDEO and the Silicon Valley Bank.

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