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Peru postpones 700MHz auction until 2016

Peruvian investment promotion agency ProInversión has postponed plans to award the 700MHz band for use with 4G telecommunications until 2016, according to a report by local daily La República.

The delay is the fourth since 2013 and will come as a blow to major players looking to differentiate themselves in a increasingly competitive market.

In February, ProInversión said it would auction three blocks (15+15MHz each) in the 700MHz band sometime this year.

4G technology is being deployed in Peru via the 899-915MHz and 944-960MHz bands in Lima and Callao, as well as 902-915MHz and 947-960MHz for the rest of the country, awarded to Vietnamese operator Viettel in 2012. At national level, Spain's Telefónica and Chile's Entel are also developing the 4G bands 1710-1770MHz and 2110-2170MHz, awarded in 2013.

Claro is the most badly in need of the 700MHz band, as it is currently using its 3G spectrum to offer higher speed connectivity. The company has attempted to acquire a portion of spectrum used by Telefónica but the deal is still awaiting the green light from the telecommunications and transport ministry (MTC).

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When Google doesn’t index your website, it means YOU DON’T EXISTS.

When you Google something, you’re asking Google to return all relevant pages from their index. Because there are often many pages that fit the bill, Google’s ranking algorithm does its best to sort the pages in order that you see the simplest and most relevant results first.

Tip #1 attend Google, then look for

Tip #2 Understand what's crawling and indexing?

Google discovers new sites by crawling the online, then they add those pages to their index. They are doing this by employing a web spider called Googlebot.

  • Crawling: the method of following hyperlinks on the online to get new content.

  • Indexing: the method of storing every website during a vast database.

  • Web spider: a bit of software designed to hold out the crawling process at scale.

  • Googlebot: Google’s web spider.


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