• Dany Goldraij

Uruguay to invest US$ 750m in communications

Uruguay to invest US$ 750m in communications in 2015-2018

Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez has announced investments of US$750mn in communications as part of a US$12bn infrastructure investment plan slated for his five-year tenure.

Some 66% of the investment will be financed with public funds and the rest will come from the private sector.

A major infrastructure overhaul was one of the election promises of Vázquez, who took office on March 1.

Energy will account for the lion's share of the investment plan with US$4.23bn, while highways will get US$2.36bn, social infrastructure US$1.87bn, including hospitals, education and public safety, US$1.32bn for housing, US$550mn in water and sanitation, US$550mn for ports, and US$360mn for railways.

Uruguay's state telco Antel has a monopoly on fixed broadband communications. Over the 2010-2014 administration of José Mujica, the government invested US$1.37bn in telecommunications infrastructure.

By Patrick Nixon