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שותפים ומומחים שלנו

ב DG2MARKET אנו מכירים בחשיבות הקריטית של שותפיות בכדי להגיע להצלחה. 


"ניסיון הוא דבר אחד שאי אפשר לקבל בשביל כלום."  ~ אוסקר ווילד ~



שיתופי פעולה
4 Points Solutions



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GTCH Technologia​


Trucking Devices
Comercio Israel America Latina
Camara de comercio Israel -
America Latina



How would you describe a good partnership or choosing the right partner


No single person may be a master of all things business. A good business partner should have skills that support and compliment your own. The more skills you and your partner bring back the business together the better it'll be to start out, plan, grow, and run your business.


Tip #1 Your partners must share Your Values, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Vision

Of all the items to seem for during a partner, this is often probably the foremost important. you'll get to be ready to communicate effectively together with your partner to form decisions, set goals, and drive the business forward.


Tip #2 Your partners must Offer Resources and Credibility to Your Business

A partner with a secure business network, industry connections, client list, or specific credentials and expertise also can increase the worth of your business and improve your chances of achieving long-term success.


Tip #3 Your partners must Practices Good Personal and Business Ethics

Only enter into partnerships with someone you'll trust. Search for someone who values honesty and practices good personal and business ethics. 


Tip #4 Take into consideration that you need to Plan Ahead Just just in case You "Break up" together with your Business Partner

Remember that partnerships are legal bonds. If for no other reason, regardless of who you select to partner with in business, make certain to urge all business agreements in writing. Misunderstandings over money and entrepreneurial vision can ruin even the simplest of friendships and other personal relationships.

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